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What You Need to Know About Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has rapidly gained popularity as a platform for digital games on Windows and macOS. Created as a more affordable alternative to Steam, the store offers lower prices and an extensive selection of games from various developers. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, the Epic Games Store has something for everyone.

Platforms Supported

Currently, the Epic Games Store supports PC and Mac. If you’re not sure whether your device is compatible with the store, you can check the platform compatibility on their website.


The Epic Games Store has a broad range of features that make it one of the best virtual gaming stores available. Like Steam, it serves as a gaming social hub where you can connect with friends and join communities of like-minded gamers. Additionally, the store offers exclusive discounts on a select number of titles, alongside a wide range of free games every week. This makes the platform perfectly suited for gamers who want to maximize their experience and explore new titles without burning their pockets.

One of the most popular features on the Epic Games Store is ‘Epic’s Mega Sale’, which provides discounts of up to 75% off on selected titles. Additionally, the store also runs periodic events which offer exclusive skin or cosmetic items for certain games. For instance, Fortnite, one of the most popular games on their store, offered an exclusive in-game skin for linking your Epic Games account with Twitch during one event.

Pros & Cons

While the Epic Games Store has numerous benefits, it also has its drawbacks. One of the key benefits of using the Epic Games Store is that it is cheaper than Steam, offering lower prices on most titles. Additionally, they regularly offer discounts and free games, making it easy for gamers to access top-rated games at a lower price. The store has a wide selection of cross-platform games and is home to the exclusive titles, Fortnite and Gears of War.

However, one major concern with the Epic Games Store is the absence of certain features compared to Steam. For example, it lacks a review system, and some users have expressed concern about the usability of the store client. Additionally, users have reported issues with downloading some games. While the extent of the issue is unclear, it’s important to note concerns regarding free game updates, poor download speeds, and limited settings. Furthermore, the Epic Games Store collects a significant amount of user data, which can be a concern for some users who value their privacy.

Activate Epic Games.

Activating your Epic Games account is a straightforward process that only requires a few simple steps. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate your Epic Games account:

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to Once the website has loaded, click on “Sign In” at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Enter your email address and password, and click on “Sign In” to access your account.

3. If you do not have an account already, click on “Sign Up” and fill out the required information.

4. Once you have signed in, click on “Activated Devices” on the left side of the screen.

5. Enter the activation code that you received via email after signing up for an account. You can also activate a new device by clicking the “Activate New Device” button.

6. After entering the activation code, you will be prompted to choose your preferred security settings, such as two-factor authentication. Follow the prompts to finalize the activation process.

7. If you have any problems activating your account or devices, you can contact Epic Games support for assistance.

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily activate your Epic Games account and enjoy all of the benefits of the platform, including a vast selection of games, exclusive discounts, and regular free games.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Epic Games Store is a fantastic platform to consider if you’re looking for an affordable and versatile alternative to Steam. With the social and community features, discounts, and regular free games, it’s hard to deny the store’s value. The store currently offers a broad range of cross-platform games, including exclusive titles like Fortnite and Gears of War. Nonetheless, there are still shortcomings to address, such as the lack of a review system and occasional technical difficulties.

While the cons of the Epic Games Store are worth considering, the realities make the platform a promising and welcome rival to the digital gaming industry. If you’re in the market for a new online store to browse top-rated games or socialize with other gamers, look no further than the Epic Games Store for the overall experience. So when you’re ready to explore and discover new worlds of digital gaming at lower prices, head over to the Epic Games Store and start browsing their impressive selection of titles.

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