The Ultimate Guide To Sally Beauty Hours: What You Need To Know!

Sally Beauty is a leading retailer of professional beauty supplies, offering a wide range of products and services for both professionals and consumers. If you’re planning to visit Sally Beauty for your beauty needs, it’s important to know the store hours to ensure you don’t miss out on your desired products and services. Here’s everything you need to know about Sally Beauty hours.

Sally Beauty Store Hours

Sally Beauty’s store hours may vary depending on the location. Typically, Sally Beauty stores are open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. On Sundays, Sally Beauty stores usually open later and close earlier, with hours ranging from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. It’s always recommended to check the specific store hours of your local Sally Beauty store to ensure they are open before you visit.

Sally Beauty Holiday Hours

Sally Beauty stores operate on reduced hours on certain holidays. On Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day, all Sally Beauty stores are closed. On other holidays, including Easter, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, Sally Beauty stores may operate on reduced hours. It’s best to check the specific holiday hours of your local Sally Beauty store before visiting.

Sally Beauty Online Store Hours

Sally Beauty’s online store is available 24/7, providing customers with the flexibility to shop at their convenience. Customers can access Sally Beauty’s online store from anywhere and anytime, making it easy to purchase products and access online-only deals and promotions.

Sally Beauty Customer Service Hours

Sally Beauty’s customer service representatives are available to assist customers with any questions or concerns. The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Customers can reach the customer service team through various channels, including phone, email, and chat.

Sally Beauty Salon Hours

Sally Beauty also offers professional salon services, including haircuts, styling, coloring, and other hair treatments. The salon hours may vary depending on the location and stylist availability. Typically, Sally Beauty salons operate during regular hours, from Monday to Saturday, with closing times ranging from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Some salons may also operate on Sundays, with opening hours ranging from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Sally Beauty Curbside Pickup Hours

Sally Beauty offers curbside pickup services, allowing customers to place orders online and pick up their purchases without leaving their car. The curbside pickup hours may vary depending on the location, but typically, curbside pickup is available during regular store hours. Customers can check their local Sally Beauty store’s website or contact the store to confirm curbside pickup hours.


knowing Sally Beauty’s store hours is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on the products and services you need. By keeping the store hours, holiday hours, online store hours, customer service hours, salon hours, and curbside pickup hours in mind, you can plan your visit to Sally Beauty accordingly and make the most of your shopping experience.

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