Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Letter Still Inspires Speculation

The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II just passed away recently, but her legacy will get a fresh awakening in 2085. That’s when a letter, which she wrote back in 1986, can finally be opened. What is this letter, and who was it sent to?

The Restoration of a Building in Australia

In 1986, the Queen Victoria Building in Australia was finally declared fully restored. In the 1950s, the city of Sydney intended to demolish it because it had become very dilapidated. However, the city’s residents were not ready to see it go, and after heavy campaigning, managed to convince the local government to restore it instead.

Queen Elizabeth was very happy about this decision and believed it was worth celebrating. The way she celebrated was quite unusual. She wrote one of the letters of note of her reign.

A Celebratory Letter?

Business Note

In response to the restoration of the Queen Victoria Building, which is named after Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, Elizabeth wrote a letter to the Lord Mayor of Sydney. Upon opening, the contents are to be shared with the people of the city. The catch is that it is not to be opened until 2085. This has led to speculation not only about the contents but the timing of the intended opening. The delay is one of the things that causes this missive to be categorized among the letters of note that she wrote. Of course, the fact that the letter was written by the Queen also qualifies it as such.

The Prevailing Theory

In 1986, a Malaysian company signed a 99-year lease on the Queen Victoria Building. This company turned the building into a shopping center, which is much better than the fate originally planned for it. Back before the renovation, the structure was going to be turned into a parking lot.

The letter’s intended year of opening is the same year the lease is set to expire: 2085. Due to this timing, some speculate that the Queen has asked for the lease to be renewed. This would help ensure that the structure remains standing even long after her death.

Interesting Titbits

There are a couple of unique features about this letter that is already known. First is the message that is on the outside of the envelope. In it, Elizabeth mentions that the specific day of opening is up to the mayor. Only the year of opening has been specified by the late Queen.

It is also known that the exterior message is signed “Elizabeth R.” The “R” stands for “Regina,” which is Latin for “Queen.”

Because Australia is a Commonwealth country, Queen Elizabeth was its official head of state. She served in this role for the length of her monarchy. During her reign, she visited Australia 11 times, with the last visit being in 2011.

Letters of note are letters written by top politicians and famous people of all sorts. The Queen’s “secret letter” is sure to be remembered as such, especially since it will be the subject of speculation until 2085.

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