Link Building through Keywords Portfolio Management

Link Building in its entirety hangs on keywords and the management of those keywords effectively. The management of keywords which is the selection of the right and popular keywords, using them appropriately, placing creatively, rephrasing the keywords into multiple terms that represent and reflect the same keyword but are confined to the same context is called Keywords Portfolio Management.

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So, by the term Portfolio, it is clearly evident, it has variety and depth, and the process of Keywords management involves research, creativity, and sorting so that they can be used according to the priority and demands of the situation. Keywords can be used to boost your content posts so that they will trigger content readability and enable the urgent and immediate reach of your content resulting in sudden, massive, instant readability in QuickTime. In addition, it will create a lasting sustainable impact stretching over a longer period for brand building and trust-building. 

In the following passages, you will be able to understand the practical implications and implementation of keywords in Link Building and how Keywords Portfolio Management supports and improves the same. Learn more about Link Building services here:

Role of Keywords in Online Marketing

Keywords determine the strength of marketing content when it comes to online marketing. The quantum of clicks and interactions of content is determined by the quality and multiple variations of keywords that the content contains. People do not use any other thing except keywords to find what they want and to search for the content they want.

Keywords are at the center of content promotion and play the anchor role. So, the better the correlation between the search terms used by the users to find the content and the set of related keywords available in the content, the better will be the search results of your web pages with the content. So, online marketing is keywords marketing, and the better the keywords, the higher would be the results for your Link Building efforts. Contact us for Link Building Packages, United Kingdom.

Importance of Keywords

The importance of keywords can be understood by the better or poor results of your web pages in Google search results. When a search term is used in Google and if your website is appearing in the top ranking positions, it is obvious and clear that keywords played an important role in this better result.  Whereas on the other hand, if your content is not showing up in the top pages and even across several search result pages of Google, it is very clear that the search result of your web pages are dependent on the keywords whether the exact search phrase or other related search phrases available in your available or not available in your web pages. The availability of the matching phrases and the non-availability of them determine the search results. This is a clear indication of the importance of keywords for web content and it is crystal clear that the keywords play a pivotal role in the search results and for determining how your web content performs in your Link Building efforts.

Prioritizing Keywords

It is not enough that you pick the keyword phrases that are popular to be used in your web content. You have to sort it in the right order of preference so that the keywords can be used effectively across your content such as meta tags, meta titles, headings and subheadings, article titles, description content, Call-To-Actions (CTAs), download link texts, URL backlinks/Anchor Texts, page menus, etc. The keywords should be selected and carefully used as not to be monotonous all across the continent.

You should use a variety of options and phrases that represent different facets and areas of your business which include products, industry, brand, product applications, utilities, benefits, advantages, current trends, present usage terms like jargon, short forms, etc. You have to take into account the fact that different keywords including matching keywords and other relevant keyword phrases are used in different pages and sections of your website, blog pages, or any of your social media content so that there is a spread of these keywords connecting your brand pages on the internet and but still having contextual relevance between all those content published elsewhere in multiple platforms. 

Managing the Keywords Portfolio

Keywords Portfolio is the managing and arranging of keywords according to their importance and as per their requirements for your Link Building strategy. The more effective that you manage your Keywords Portfolio, the better will be the outcome of your Link Building efforts. 

In the above sections, we understood the importance and the role of keywords for the Link Building efforts. Here, we are going to understand the direct implication, application, and use of keywords for your Link Building efforts. Keywords can be used as direct links or clickable links for getting direct benefits of the use of these search terms. Keywords can be used as Anchor Texts which are clickable links, titles, and subtitles of your content so that they play an instrumental role in generating more and more traffic and readability directly for your web content. The position of the placement of your keywords within every piece of your content like in the titles, subtitles, tags, headings, and content such as top, the middle and bottom portion of your content and in your Call-To-Action areas determine how your content is picked by the search engines and users. Keywords placed and positioned in the right areas enable you better search results, reach, traffic and conversions. 


Keywords Portfolio Management refers to the selection of the right keywords and putting them in the order of preference for implementation. This is a serious and the most important area of your Link Building process. It requires an understanding of the Link Building process, working of SEO and search engine algorithm, keyword research, keyword popularity, keyword forecasting, content writing techniques, content or blog topic selection, use of keywords, understanding of Anchor Texts, social media, and various content publishing platforms and their terms of usage like content limits and limitations, their features, their advantages, of the various social media platforms, etc.

Understanding these things put together will help you create a great content and keywords portfolio and help you determine how to use the keywords in the right order and in the right places in various types of content for your Link Building efforts in order to achieve your goals at the expected time periods.

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