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5 People Who You Must Contact Before Selling a House

Selling your house can be a hefty task. To sell a home, you have to prepare it for potential owners. Every house contains marks of life, these scratches and old commodities may remind you of beloved memories, but they are meaningless and unappealing to newcomers. You have to give a blank space to these new homeowners so they can make new memories and leave their marks. 

You must leave a fully functional and clean house for the potential buyers to enhance the value of your property. Get the following people to fix your home before you put it up for sale.


You may have a few empty light sockets and a few loose wires. Loose wires and hollow sockets can make your home look unappealing and deformed. To make your home look polished, you must call an electrician and get your electrical structure fixed. 

If you try to fix your electrical apparatus by yourself, you may not be able to achieve the clean look that a professional can. Electrical configurations are dangerous, and you may get shocked. Electricians are skilled in handling live wires and electrical apparatus. It is better to let them do their job. 


The pipes in a resident have a complex structure, and they might need cleaning. If you have a history of plumbing issues, you must get your pipes checked. Plumbing issues can cause flooding in your basement, or you may get damp walls. 

The damp walls can decrease the value of your house. You have to get the basement pipes cleaned before you put the house on sale. 

Many people try to fix their leaking faucets themselves, but even simple plumbing issues can escalate if touched by a novice. 

Sewage Cleaner

An undrained gutter or sewage problem near your home can also cause issues in finding a buyer. You need to fix these sewage issues if you do not want to suffocate your potential buyers with a bad smell. 

If you have a limpid sewage system, you can also light a scented candle or spray a floral fragrance in the house to help elevate the spirits of your home. A fragrant home will make your potential buyers feel calm and at home. 

You can also bake cookies or cakes in your kitchen to give a warm and homely feeling. And a few treats on your counter will also help you connect with the buyers.


A clean paint job on your home will polish the look of your home. You can also get the woodwork waxed before showcasing it to get positive reviews. You must hire professional painters because a patchy paint job may work for you, but the new owners want to buy the best product.

Deep Cleaners

Get the floors mopped, the cobwebs removed, and the floors cleaned. Your home must look hygienic and clean. Remove the stains on the windows and fix any other apparent defects present. 

If your home has any mold or asbestos, get it removed by professionals and keep your home tidy until you hand it to the new party. 

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